Traditional Birthday Poem

by j. t. rhymston

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Subject: traditional birthday poem
Summary: (first draft)
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Lines: 65
Author: j.t. rhyston
Copyright: 1991 Covert Publishing


eons of courtship marks the pate
attraction weak the dust of time
'fore nucleons concede to mate
'fore music of the spheres can chime

only in a violent death
a powerful ejaculation
forges the beginnings breath
of the next new generation

 the wooing starts anew

what the earth thrusts up and down
the ages gnaw and spit and mold
a fluvial somnolence brown
the silt from powdered peaks of old

cross forgotten continents
millenia come and come and gone
the Lethean currents lay the clay
where no fat weed rots easy long

 the digging starts thereto

whose hand the vulgate matter shapes
no carnal totem knows or takes
whose breath upon the subject makes
the only signature that's known

a billion years upon the shelf
the tree of life must be refreshed
from time to time with the hot blood
of mutant natures misfeasance

 the mouein' arts debut


systalic zeitgeist cruciform
volute in the wombwarm kiln
heavy syrup packed and formed
dispeptic analgesic film

ephemera the golem comes
unctious with the gypsy'd glaze
rampant billows blazoned of
vertiginous halting stripmined gaze

in each turn the curling crown
counting off the hirsute years
tongue held edgewise on the down
razor rusting hoary ears

spring winds up, daze grows longer
white-eyed searching for a reason
in nebulae and in liturgies
from the zenith to horizon

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