St. Valentine's Day Massacre

by j. t. rhymston

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Copyright: Covert Publishing 1990
Author: j.t. rhymston


the windup lovers
with mouths of wax
buying prefabricated passions
bifurcated romance on a stick
and dayold lillies of ice
bury my heart
my wounded needs
and strike
while the irony is haute
in pique-a-boo
lounge array
burnt a ruddy brown
as your blood dried
on sheets where love's
labors tossed
in a midstutter
knight's dream
some time


patron saint
not of lovers
of prisoners his
vicious little archers
do not wish us
wait till the bareassed
little bastards get
automatic weapons

a solitary confinement
of being and
nausea the
sickness unto death
confessions the
concept of dread
the stranger the
no exit

warden of hopes
lord of release
you've fled
the darkened sky
left us to sing
the deathrow blues
to sixtycycle shadows
in playdough caves
in doily chains


loss is rough
like a tongue over
a chipped tooth
like gravel going
under the skin
like rumors spread
like crabs cross
each new beach

love is simple
only misery
is this complicated
if you listen
close you can
hear the pulse
over the wheels

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