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Next gig Saturday, February 12th at the Windjammer in Aptos, CA
Mad Funk Beats and Off-the-Wall Lyrics
Paradise Recording Studio Search Google for Burlacticus
Callahan's with Fuse Aptos Club SC Comm. Cable TV
Spring 2000 Catalyst (1/2000) Summer 2000
Skinny's (6/11) Burning Man Cocodrie Lounge

This band is just great. You gotta see 'em. There's 2 lead guitar players, bass, drums, a vocalist who can wail like Ian Gillan and two excellently choreographed and vivaciously spirited go-go dancers. They're a fun dance band and i've always had a great time at their shows. The musical style has been described as "psycho-funk". I guess. Whatever, it's loud, rich, funky, rockin', rhythmic, and kinda crazy. You can e-mail me at towhead@ronrecord.com if you'd like to hear more about the band or just chat.

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