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Ronald Joe Record's Employment History

In 1983 Ronald began working for the Santa Cruz Operation. At that time there were approximately 50 employees. Ronald helped develop, build, test and productize the first commercial release of Xenix on a PC (the IBM PC XT). It was due to Mr. Record's diligent after-hours efforts that the Xenix Games disk was created and included in all shipping SCO Operating Systems products up until recently. Since then, Ron has worked as a Penguin (Product Engineering Utilities and Installations), Operating System engineer, builder of the dev sys, World-wide Master of the Source, ODT Integration technical lead, X11 server and clients source and build engineer, and Skunkware release engineer and contributor. Recently Ron served as the technical lead for the SCO Wabi project (a graphical client which will execute Windows applications in the UNIX/X11 environment). Subsequently he worked on the SCO Desktop future strategy, focusing on Internet enabling Technologies. He then became the Open Source Program Architect for the Segment Marketing division at SCO.

Recently (Spring, 2001) the division Ronnie worked in at SCO was purchased by Caldera Systems, a Linux vendor. Doc Record currently works in the engineering arm of Caldera as Open Source Architect, producing hundreds and hundreds of RPMs included in both the OpenLinux and Open UNIX distributions from Caldera.

Ron has had a lot of fun, learned quite a bit, and made some very good friends during his time at SCO and now at Caldera. Here's a photo of Ronnie in his office with Willow.

He recently updated his resume !

Prior to his work at SCO, Ronnie worked as a teaching assistant at UCSC and as an intern at NASA Ames Advanced Guidance and Navigation laboratory. While at NASA, Ron helped develop an automatic guidance system whose first "real world" application was the aerial spraying of Malathion over Santa Clara county. He also worked on the "Technology House", a demonstration of energy efficiency and computer controlled house envisioned by the Carter administration and quickly unfunded by the Reagan administration.

Prior to working at NASA, Ron worked as an Ion Implant operator at Advanced Micro Devices, cleaning fish at the dock in Seattle, picking fruit in Yakima Valley, planting trees on the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico, mending fence, milking cows, negotiator for the Rainbow Family in their proposal to restore and reclaim damaged public lands, automobile delivery agent, dishwasher & busboy, Tastee-Freeze attendant, basket boy, and sales of coke and candy.

Even more most recently (30-Jul-2002), Ronald Record was quoted in a front-page San Francisco Chronicle article on the Silicon Valley workforce.

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Here's a picture of Ronnie when he was a Statesman and Voice of the People.
Wow. What a leader of Women and Men.

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