Mathematical Recreations

Authored and Contributed by
Ronald Joe Record (except "xwator" authored and contributed by Ronald Joe Record and Brian Chapman)

Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Ronald Joe Record (except "xwator" Copyright 1990 Ronald Joe Record and Brian Chapman)

The mathrec source code is freely redistributable. The author maintains binary distributions for Caldera OpenLinux 3.1, OpenServer, UnixWare 7 and Open UNIX 8. These distributions and the source code are available via:

Binary Distributions
OpenLinux/Open UNIX (no longer available)
UnixWare 7

Source Code Distributions
Source RPM (no longer available)
Gzip'd tar archive

The mathrec package consists of several X11 clients :

coral endo gasket hop julia lds lyap
madness mandel splines spore stars xtopo xwator

To build the mathrec binaries, use the Imakefile. To build with the Imakefile, first type "xmkmf -a" or "imake -DUseInstalled -I/usr/lib/X11/config" if your system doesn't have xmkmf. Then just type "make" and the mathrec binaries will be built.

To install mathrec, you can simply run "make install; make". Since mathrec is built with imake, it honors the DESTDIR setting. So, if you want to install the mathrec package in a "packaging ground", you can set the DESTDIR environment variable to the location below which the files will be installed.

Known Limitations
These programs were originally written for 8-bit PseudoColor X11 displays. I have modified them so that they work on a TrueColor visual but many of the features are not present without a PseudoColor display. For instance, the installation of a private colormap and the spinning of the color map are features available only on a PseudoColor display visual.

These programs and others like them are probably responsible for more CPU cycles than any other single application.

I have used these for years without harm.

Work Planned

manual pages.

Execute any or all of the shell scripts provided in /usr/local/mathrec/julia, /usr/local/mathrec/mandel, /usr/local/mathrec/lds, /usr/local/mathrec/endo, /usr/local/mathrec/lyap, /usr/local/mathrec/madness and /usr/local/mathrec/splines.

Ideas, comments, additions, deletions, suggestions, bug reports, code review,... e-mail Ronald Record at