cummings like a freight train

by j. t. rhymston

From: (Parasite of Heaven)
Subject: cummings like a freight train
Reply-To: notwork (Orson Bean's older brother Jean)
Organization: PostPreRaphaelite PrePostModern Existentialist Poets
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 04:12:30 GMT
Copyright: 1989 Covert Publishing

all dressed in sketches comes my lady crying
fierce mattresses of hope wrap'd 'round her hips
stretching a seaweed fortress to caress
the flimsy ropes of my unhung redwet lips

sporting a cruelty of roses 'tween her breasts
then and all these coffinladden matchsticks
hang (an heirborn empress supports a kiss
two and two strange chimings of knee on bricks)

strenuous loss if this be loss we've won
my other's cries are nothing like yours, hon

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