Fictitious Fables
The Spirit World With real illustrations by the author
A Passion Play In which J.C. encounters a Cadillac
Crazy Girl with a Gun A two page screenplay
The War of the Whales What really happened off the coast of Japan on March 11, 2011
Autobiographical and Absolutely True
Tales of a Hippie Hobo NEW, my hippie dippie trippy memoir (pdf)
The Hippie T.A. and The Nuclear Mathematician Working for the Man who worked on the Bomb
How to Build a Chickee and Talk to Cockroaches My Friendship with Crawford Solomon and Insects
How I Kissed Grace Slick A girlfriend, a goat, and Grace
The Greatest Poetry Reading of All Time In which Gary Snyder risks a gator to save a poem
My Bowling Ball One of those Things That Make You Go Hmmm
Git Outta Town and Don't Ever Come Back Ronnie hops freight in style
Make No Appointments With Swami Satchidananda
Cowboy Allen Rides Again Wherein Ronnie hops freight
Satan's Claws My weird trip to the Bahamas
The Praying Flute Ronnie "prays" the flute in an elementary school
The Wizard of Golden Ronnie gets arrested in Coorsville
Tipi Births The most natural childbirth story you'll ever hear
Interview with Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey / Tim Leary "debate" Read what these great American writers, philosophers, and cultural icons have to say
Thomas Campbell, Texas Ranger True life story of my great-great grandfather Thomas Lopton Campbell Jr. and his life of pioneering and Rangering.
The Epitaph of Belle Starr Visit the grave of the Bandit Queen - the female Jesse James
Rainbow Gatherings (Under Construction)
2000 Miles on Thirteen Cents (Under Construction)
My Life As A Tree (Under Construction)
Hitchhiking to India (Under Construction)

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