Interesting Links

Flash Stuff

Guide to Santa Cruz

Chris Neklason and Peggy Dolgenos have established and maintained a remarkable community resource in Cruzio.

SCO Follies History

Skits and songs we did to make fun of ourselves, our jobs, our bosses, everyone

Flash/Shockwave Stuff

Includes a very well done Flash Miniature Golf game, the truly amazing Xiaoxiao Fight #3 and what is perhaps The Most Bizarre Flash Animation On The Internet


Constructor animates and edits two dimensional models made out of masses and springs


Actual photographs of bugs in micro-architectural settings - impressive.

WebCam Theatre

Kamal Mostafa runs this fun site.

Internet Underground Music Archive

Wow. The Internet's first free hi-fi music archive and it's founders are right here in Santa Cruz.

How Stuff Works

Find out how stuff works.

Interesting Facts

Bet you didn't know all of these.

The Visual Math Institute

Ralph Abraham, Ron Record and Scott Hotton are working on several projects including an interactive educational CD-ROM to accompany the Mathematics text "Just Plane Chaos".

Homework Helper

For all the frustrated students (and their equally frustrated parents), here is the BEST website roch has found for using the Internet to help with homework, education, and research of many kinds.

My Mickey Mantle Home Page

Speed, Power, Humor, Humility, Awe-inspiring, Reckless Abandon, My Hero

Mel the Programmer

The greatest programmer of all time.

My Beat Farmers Home Page

The greatest bar band of all time.

Deth Specula

The latest gossip, pics, maybe sounds someday from the indescribable Deth Specula.

Project Gutenberg Reality Sculptors Sacred Texts
Burlacticus Undertow Doctorfree's Bodacious Blog The Bodacious Blog of Doctorwhen
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