Academic Pursuits

Dr. Ronald Joe Record was a student of dynamical systems theory at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he specialized in the study of iterated maps of the plane. He was a student of Dr. Ralph Abraham's and is on the staff of the Visual Math Institute at UCSC. Ronald was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from the University of California in the Summer of 1994. He obtained the Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Phillips University where he also studied Shakespeare, Faulkner, Biblical Literature, Philosophy, Marxism, Christian Heritage, and Art History. Examples of some of his graphical mathematical explorations are available in the Savage Rabbit Art Gallery or you can view one of these MPEG fractal animated zooms, created by the doctor himself :

One of Doc's current projects is an interactive CD-ROM companion to the book "Just Plane Chaos" by Ralph Abraham, Christian Mira and Laura Gardini. Explore this preliminary introduction.

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